Proxima Cadet Training Version 3.3.3

  • This program is available for informational and advertising purposes only. By downloading it you accept the obligation to remove it after reviewing or acquire it legally. The program or its part cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  • Year of release: 2007
  • Version: 3.3.3
  • Developer: George Sharlay Кафедра УМТ МГУ им. Адм.Невельского
  • Platform: PC (Windows)
  • Compatible with Windows 8: yes
  • System requirements: MS Windows XP, MS Windows 7, Pentium III RAM 256 MB, video card 16 bit, 800×600, free space on the hard disk: 260 MB
  • Interface language: Russian

PROXIMA Cadet Training program package – aimed at different components of the profession, adapted for different types of tasks, the complex is designed to test the capabilities of program control using computer equipment of the crew of the ship during certification in the qualification commission, and is mainly used for training at maritime universities and other training companies in major professions.

All tasks and program tests are created according to the levels and functions of STCW 78/95.

The algorithms used in software tests are subsequently applied by special studies and are approved by various tests.

This complex is already on the list of the main programs for training sailors at various training universities, and is in use by marine companies, as well as in operation at the Maritime Qualification Commission.


Download the

Go to web page, download and install the 7 Zip program in your PC. It’s important to install the 32-bit (also called x86) version of 7-zip for a 32-bit operating system and the 64-bit (also called x64) version for a 64-bit OS, since the x64 version won’t work on x86 and the x86 version won’t run with context menu on x64 machines. If you are not sure if you have a x86 or x64 operating system installed, you can find this out in several ways. Here are 2: a) Press Win+X (this opens the Power User Menu) and select System. Look under System -> System type for the OS type you have installed or b) Click Start (or press the Win key) and type PC Info. Look under System type and find out the type of OS you’re running. Now that you know what type of OS you have installed, download and install the corresponding version of 7-zip.

Unzip Cadet_Test folder from

Double-click on setup.exe file located in Cadet_Test folder. The installation starts. Click on Next button twice.

Click on Install button.

Click on Finish button.

You need to install Flash Player. Just go to Flash Player\Setup folder and double-click on install_flash_player_9_beta.exe file. The installation is very easy.

Double-click on PTTraining_Cadet.exe to start the program.

You will see the the window where you need to enter the cadet’s name and group number, cadet’s course (VPKM = 5th course). At the bottom, select topics or individual sections, ticking them, and for each section you can specify the individual number of asked questions from the total amount of questions from this section.

By default, the same time and the number of questions for all sections can be set at program startup by selecting the line “Configuration and settings”.

Individual settings can be made by opening “Configuration and Settings”. To enter, the password “prxadmin” is required.

Click on Next button and get a general field with questions, below is the total time allotted for all questions.

At the end of the answer, you can view the results in percent. Determine the evaluation criteria yourself. You can view MISTAKES, where your answer and the correct one will be shown. You can see detailed results, for which click on the “Details” box, expand the answers – double-click on tiny icons with pluses. You can also print the results.

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