Pronunciation and Numbers


1. It takes 45 minutes to get to the airport from here by bus.

  • half an hour
  • three quarters of an hour
  • quarter of an hour

2. The maximum water temperature for tank washing is 60*C

  • sixty degrees 
  • six point zero degrees
  • sixty percent

3. The Master finishes his contract on November the 21st

  • twenty-one
  • twenty-first
  • twelfth

4. The cargo was loaded on Tuesday 21st April

  • twenty one
  • twenty first
  • twenty and one

5. The first SOLAS Convention was adopted in 1914 in response to the Titanic disaster.

  • One nine one four
  • One thousand nine hundred and fourteen
  • Nineteen fourteen

6. 50% percent of our seafarers are from Ukraine.

  • fifteen
  • fifty
  • five

7. There are 15 000 seafarers employed within the group.

  • Fifteen hundred thousand
  • fifteen thousand
  • fifteen hundred

8. The Master’s son is celebrating his 14th birthday tomorrow.

  • Fourth
  • fourteenth
  • fortieth

9. Their company has 1,200 employees.

  • Twelve and one hundred
  • One thousand point two hundred
  • One thousand two hundred

10. The International Maritime Organisation have been working towards a Ballast Water Convention for more than a decade.

  • a year
  • a couple of years
  • ten years

11. It was noticed that package number 167 had been opened.

  • sixteen and seven
  • one six seven
  • one and sixty seven

12. You must arrive at the airport at 0010 hrs

  • just after midday
  • just after midnight
  • just after 1 am

13. You should be using a pen with a 0.25 mm nib for that chartwork

  • zero point two five
  • two point five
  • twenty five points

14. Their company has 1,200 employees.

  • one thousand two hundred
  • twelve and one hundred
  • one thousand point two hundred

15. 1/4 of the seafarers in my company come from Latvia.

  • one point four
  • four percent
  • one quarter

16. Major revisions to the STCW Convention entered into force of 1st January 2012.

  • Two thousand and twelve
  • twenty hundred and twelve/
  • twenty thousand and twelve

17. The total area of the new warehouse is 100,000 m2.

  • One hundred thousand square metres
  • on thousand hundred square metres
  • on million square metres

18. Have you read all the information on 3rd party inspections?

  • Triteen
  • third
  • three


19. board blue loose prove
20. bathroom health the thruster
21. ring long wing bag
22. navigate sample evacuate calculate
23. regulation segregate guage argument
24. wrench champagne chain change
25. hit hour height hook
26. name black man flag
27. piracy trimming wire stabilizer

28. rather / width/ throttle/ berth
29. vessel/ mention/ swell/ seat
30. cigar/ Celsius/ celebrate/ cargo
31. attention/ precaution/ pollution/ preventive
32. three/ teeth/ that / depth
33. figure/ spirit/ midship/ size
34. group / trouble/ tough/ country
35. depressed/ ahead/ leaking/ stress
36. brown/ blow / cloud/ now
37. adjust, reduce, residues, view
38. age, general, gym, game
39. agent, sewage, ecological, grease
40. alter, rule, rubber, rust
41. attention, preventive, pollution, precaution
42. bag, ring, wing, long
43. barge, match, large, card
44. ball, pallet, small, wall
45. bathroom, weather, health, thruster

46. begin, vegetable, gas, grind
47. begin, berth, shrink, twist
48. below, cow, overflow, throw
49. bell, seal, meal, wheel
50. blow, cloud, now, brown
51. boiler, loan, own, home
52. bright, fitting, pipe, lighting
53. bucket, charge, crack, lack
54. buy, ear, fly, eye
55. cargo, celsius, cigar, celebrate
56. catch, yacht, watch, hatch
57. chronometer, chamber, discharge, chart
58. circuit, write, tight, night
59. cough, through, rough, enough
60. country, trouble, tough, group
61. could, nail, half, talk
62. course, south, mount, round
63. doctor, nature, future, puncture
64. departure, feature, position, temperature
65. delete, sweet, need, net
66. essential, maintain, function, tension
67. finger, grind, find, mild
68. four pool pour restore
69. go how low snow
70. horizon, pin, rig, trim
71. honest hockey history hook
72. jump junior June juice
73. keep knock knob knife
74. pound phone phenomenon photo
75. pneumonia potato plotting copper
76. pressure supply sure sugar
77. reach school ache stomach
78. size spirit midship figure
79. stabilizer, piracy, wire, trimming
80. this thermometer thinner theft
81. access, dress, assess, messman

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Karibų piratas

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