Marlins Test for PC

The offline version of the ISF Marlins english language online test for seafarers for the computer (PC). You can download it here.

  • Publisher / Author of the software: – Novorossiysk Marine
  • Format: ISO image.
  • Version: 1.03
  • Compatibility: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7.


  1. The offline version of the ISF Marlins english language online test for seafarers for the computer (PC). You can download it here.
  2. Go to web page, download and install the 7 Zip program in your PC. It’s important to install the 32-bit (also called x86) version of 7-zip for a 32-bit operating system and the 64-bit (also called x64) version for a 64-bit OS, since the x64 version won’t work on x86 and the x86 version won’t run with context menu on x64 machines. If you are not sure if you have a x86 or x64 operating system installed, you can find this out in several ways. Here are 2: a) Press Win+X (this opens the Power User Menu) and select System. Look under System -> System type for the OS type you have installed or b) Click Start (or press the Win key) and type PC Info. Look under System type and find out the type of OS you’re running. Now that you know what type of OS you have installed, download and install the corresponding version of 7-zip.
  3. Unzip It will be image file Marlins-Online-v104.ISO  inside.
  4. Unzip and install UltraISO program. Open UltraISO program, click on Continue to Try button if this program is not registered.
  5. Click on Mount to Virtual Drive icon (shown with red arrow).

6. Select the image file Marlins-Online-v104.ISO and click on Mount button. If you want to unmount image file from virtual drive click on Unmount button.

7. Go to Start->My computer and select CD Drive. Click on Marlins.exe to start program.


The new online version of the famous Marlins English Language Test program is already used by almost all crewing teams to determine the level of knowledge of the English language among the crew. The recommended level of knowledge should be at least 85%. You can take the Marlins Test at an unlimited number of times. The website has two versions of the test. Free (13 questions) and paid (85 questions). All your results are stored in the Marlins database. And in the future, upon arrival to the company, representatives of the crewing can get acquainted with your results. In most cases, the Marlins test will have to go directly to the company itself.

Marlins Test Online consists of the following sections:

  1. Pronunciation (Section Listening 1-25 questions).
  2. Prepositions (Section Grammar 26-35 questions).
  3. Choose the statement that describes picture. Questions with pictures (Section Grammar 36-39 questions).
  4. Composition of a sentence from words (Section Grammar 44-49 questions)
  5. Times (Section Grammar 50-55 questions).
  6. Choose the option that doesn’t belong to the group. The words. Choose a word that does not match the other three (Section Vocabulary 56-60 questions).
  7. Look at the picture. Put word …. Distribute words in the picture (Section Vocabulary 61-65 questions).
  8. Times and numbers. (Section Time and numbers 71-75 questions).
  9. Pronunciation. Choose a word with different pronunciation (Section Pronuncation 76-84 questions).

You can conduct trial testing for free HERE.

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Karibų piratas

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