About SETS Plus

Seafarer’s Evaluation & Training System Plus (SETS Plus) is a powerful training and examination system that includes 90 training modules with a total of approximately 8,000 test questions in English.

This program is used to assess the competence of seafarers in many international companies.

To start the program, use the appropriate shortcut on the Windows desktop:

After starting and entering the administrator password, the main program window opens, containing the following tabs: Actual Test and Admin Tools.

Examination mode (Actual Test)

First you need to select the required test from the list on the Actual Test tab, while the Additional Info panel on the right will display the description of the test and the amount of time allocated to it, then click on Continue button.

The program will ask again and warn that the test results will be stored in the database in any case:

We click on Yes. Next, the program will ask you to enter the student information – type Name and Surname, Position is selected from the drop-down list). Click on OK button.

Immediately after this, Actual Test begins. At the top left, the serial number of the current question and their total number, as well as the name of the passed control test, are displayed. The text of the question itself is given below in the frame, and on the right, the timer counts Time Remaining (the total time left to pass the test):

There are four answer options (A, B, C and D) supplemented (unlike practice testing) with the answer E (I Don’t Know), which actually means skipping the question.

If there is time left after answering the last question, the system will again ask questions that were skipped. After highlighting the supposedly correct answer (by clicking on the corresponding letter), click on Next Question button. The system will not report whether this answer was correct.

For some questions, to the right of the answer options, an explanatory picture or diagram is given, there may also be a button for repeating Audio (if the question requires listening to it).

When Actual Test is completed, the program will report that the result is stored in the database, but will not display it. Thus, only the administrator can find out the results of passed control tests – using the Admin Tools tab.

Administration (Admin Tools)

The Admin Tools tab allows the administrator to add or edit existing questions, modules or exam tests, view the results of passed control tests, and much more:

SETS Plus Set Up of Test

The administrator of a SETS Plus program can set up unlimited number of tests with any combination of questions subjects and from any of the three STCW competence levels.

Time limits and number of questions in test is also set by the administrator.

When a test is given, the questions from each included subject are automatically and randomly selected.

SETS Plus Question Designer

SETS Plus can be added with a Question designer that makes it possible for the user to design his own questions:

The question designer allows the design of “multiple choice questions”, “fill in missing word” questions and “essay type questions”.

The user can also add pictures, animations and sound to a question. The user can generate his own test subjects and tests and assign them to the levels of “management”, “operational” or “support”. The program automatically corrects the first two types whereas a Trainer manually scores the latter.

SETS Plus Test results and Export of Test result

The program includes a facility to view results on screen and four types of result reports, a summary report presenting multiple numbers of test results in one datasheet and a test certificate. All reports in SETS Plus can be directly converted to RTF files and transferred as e-mail attachments via the Internet. The summary report can be converted to an MS Excel file.

Test results can be exported in-groups and imported in SETS programs installed at other sites. This makes it possible for “main offices” to compare SETS test results from different recruitment offices or training facilities.

SETS Plus System Requirement

  • Minimum Pentium IV with 512 MB of RAM.
  • MS Windows 98, MS Windows XP, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows 7.
  • Screen resolution at least 800×600 pixels.

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