About Marlins test

Marlins is the most popular and extremely powerful English language testing system for sailors created by UK developers. Most foreign shipping companies and crewing agencies accepts (and often requires) Marlins certificates.

The system currently includes several tests and all of them are conducted online on the marlinstests.com website. We will focus on the most popular – ISF Marlins English Language Test for Seafarers.

To pass this test, you will need a License Code, which is usually provided by an organization that requires you to pass the test. One code allows you to pass the one test, after which it “burns out”. There is also the opportunity to register on the marlinstests.com website yourself and buy the opportunity to take the test:

With a one-time purchase of less than 10 tests, the fixed price is 20 (+3.6 VAT) USD per test, if more, discounts begin to apply. You can pay using Paypal or with a credit card. It’s important to know:

  • Before starting the test, you should carefully check all entered personal information for typos or errors. After passing the test and printing the certificate, it will be impossible to fix it.
  • It is highly recommended that you pre-pass the Training test to have an idea of ​​how to perform different types of tasks.
  • During the test, you can skip the next question, and there is always the opportunity to return to any previous question and change the selected answer option – before clicking on Finish button (which completes the test and displays the result).
  • In the event of a computer crash, power outage or loss of Internet connection during the test, simply re-enter the License Code and you will continue from where you left off. But keep in mind that the License Code will cease to be valid 36 hours after the start of the test if it is not passed by this time.

The test consists of 85 tasks. Time for its passage is not limited, but the system remembers how much you spent. Developers do not recommend spending more than 60 minutes.

After activating the License Code on the main page, the test will begin immediately. The questions are divided into the following sections: Listening comprehension (25 questions), Grammar (30 questions), Vocabulary (15 questions), Time and numbers (5 questions), Different sounds and pronunciation (9 questions), Reading (1 question).

Listening (1 – 25 questions)

This section contains two subsections, and is objectively considered the most difficult. In questions 1–10, you need to listen to the sentence and choose the missing word from two options. In questions 11–25, you need to listen to the whole dialogue, and then choose the correct answer from the three proposed options. Then click on forward button (go to the next question).

It is recommended that you carefully read the question text and answer options before clicking on listen button. The audio for each such question can be played a maximum of two times, after which the button will become inactive.

Grammar (26 – 55 questions)

This section contains five subsections. In questions 26–35, you must correctly insert the missing pretext of the three options. For questions 36–39, you need to select a proposal from the three options that matches the picture. In questions 40–43, you need to correctly insert the question word or verb in the correct form of the four options. In questions 44–49, you need to make the correct sentence from the proposed set of words, using all of them. In questions 50–55, the missing piece must be inserted correctly in the sentence.

After selecting the answer, click on forward button (go to the next question).  

Vocabulary (56 – 70 questions)

This section contains three subsections. In questions 56–60, it is necessary to distinguish among the four words that are superfluous in meaning. For questions 61–65, you need to place pointers with five words in the picture. In questions 66–70, you need to sort six words into three categories.

Then click on forward button (go to the next question).

Time and Numbers (71 – 75 questions)

In this section, from three options, you need to choose how to read selected numbers in English.

Then click on forward button (go to the next question).

Pronunciation (76 – 84 questions)

In this section of the four words, choose the one in which the selected letters are read differently than in the rest.

Then click on forward button (go to the next question).

Reading (85 question)

This section consists of one question. In the finished text, you need to substitute the correct option from the drop-down list in six places.

That was the last question. You can scroll through the questions back and check your answers, while clicking on forward button will mean completion of the test.

The system will ask again, we answer in the affirmative:

Next, the final test result will be displayed:

The received certificate should be printed by clicking on print certificate button. Then the test window can be closed by clicking on close button.

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